Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A New Year - there's a lot to do

A new year, and with it, a "new" entry. It's been a while since I've had any updates: I took a small hiatus from printmaking since my last show in December. I was a bit burned out from a steady schedule of shows in the late summer and fall. And with the coming of a cold and snowy winter, I was less than enthused to start any new projects on the new press in the unheated, unwired outdoor studio (though more on this later...)

So I did other things.

I joined my good friend Joe K up on our other good friend's land in January for an awesome late season grouse hunt on snowshoes. Herb couldn't join us, but we appreciated his kindness in giving us unfettered access.

It was without a doubt, a great year for snow sports. The skiing was pretty good this year, and I even got out on the snowshoes a couple of times this year.

In mid-January, friends gathered for what's come to be an annual event: the original Lie-n-Tie, held at our good friend Larry Aamodt's shop. I've lost track of the number of years we've done this, but all will agree it's a great time.

I of course did some cooking:

And I even started some new wines; to be specific, a couple of Port-style fortified wines. I have two carboys of Black Currant/Blackberry/Pinot Noir port bubbling quietly away in the basement, with some more Blackberry fermenting at my good friend Brad's house. Time will tell (if we can wait that long, 4 years or so)if we're successful, but preliminary taste test indicate these will be nothing short of spectacular.

Today I started a project that I've long put off: I started wiring the outdoor studio for electricity. Since the new press runs on a 1 hp motor, and with some "distinguished guests" joining me for the Creative Drive, I thought it high time to run some power out there (other than a loooong extension cord.)

So with that, it's time to get busy; there's a lot to do...

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