Friday, March 1, 2013

Getting Ready for Great Waters

It's less than a month now until we gather for the 2013 Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo!

Somebody pinch me, but it's the 10th year anniversary. 10 Years! I hate cliche's, but holy moly, how time flies!
I can't for a minute think about the Expo and not pause a bit and thank the powers that be for the friendship  of Tom Helgeson, who started it all. Without his guidance and support, and some outright prodding, I doubt my artwork would be were it is today. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I miss my friend daily.

 I've been an exhibitor at every one, selling raffle tickets for Kiap-TU-Wish at the first one, and selling artwork at all the rest. I dug a round and found a few photos of previous years Expos:
(2010 Chicago)
One of Wisconsin's finest
cane rod makers, Paul Julious
 (2007 Bloomington)
Tom was ready to strangle me when I dragged The Barn into the auditorium.

(2009 Bloomington)
Always good to see friends

(2009 Bloomington)
A Jeff Kennedy original of my Kinni Sulphur
(2009 Bloomington)
Demo-ing at the 2009 show

Local color at the 2010 Chicago show