Friday, August 24, 2012

For the Birds...

Deb and I have three (maybe four) more shows lined up for the rest of this year, and have been hard at work the last couple of weeks getting some new hand-colored linoleum block prints ready, for Art on the Kinni, Spring Valley Dam Days Teachers Art Fair, and the Spirit of the St. Croix Art Festival.

We're continuing our bird-themed prints, as we had a terrific time with last years Orchard Calendar project, and thought it would be fun to concentrate on song/garden birds as a theme. When we started Trout Lily Studios years ago, it was with the intent that it would be a vehicle for both of us to pursue our art with; these are Deb's images, from blocks that she carved. I proofed the blocks for her, and printed them, then handed them back for her to hand color.

Goldfinch (blue)
Red Winged Blackbird
Goldfinch (yellow)

Eventually I'd like to carve some color blocks for some of these and see what that will do to the over all image. But for now it's enough to concentrate on rolling out the base prints.