Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Blocks

I've started several new blocks in the past week. Like I said earlier, I haven't done much since Christmas, so it's time to get busy.

I started a new reduction, this one on a block of maple. It's off myself casting on the Willow River. At the time, there was pretty good brook trout fishing right below the upper dam. The water squeezing around the dam through the porous limestone created a tail water effect, and brookies could be taken right below the spillway.

Anyway, there was terrific lighting, and a friend of mine took some gorgeous pictures for something we were doing at work at the time. I've got this block already to print the first color, the lightest, as soon as it get's nice enough to get out to the outdoor studio with the press (now with new wiring! yeah!)

I got a good start on a small Japanese-style block, that will be a print of a group of mayflowers that I took last spring. Lot's of work involved with this one:

We even got started on next years calendar. Deb assures me she's got all the images down in her head. This is the first one, a Great Horned Owl in mid-winter:

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