Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chicago Expo

Back from Chicago after a succesfull three-day show at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo. Was totally exhausted by Sunday, but had a terrific time.

The booth space looked great - went with two side-by-side spaces:

The extra space gave me room to set up displays of some of the blocks and tools I'm using:

Friday was a bit slow (as expected) but there was constant traffic Saturday and Sunday. I talked myself hoarse both days. It is so much easier explaining this stuff with real examples on hand, rather than trying to pulll it out of the air while the audience looks on with a blank stare....

I'm 5 hours from Chicago, and yet had a ton of good friends stop by. Good buddies from Milwaukee droped in, one of which even bought something, instead of going for the free stufff....

it was a weekend of great food: our fine friend "The Chicago Batman" from the city came out and grabbed us and took us downtown for some great Italian. If you're ever in Oak Park, check out Cucina Paradiso.

On the way home, my ride and I stopped and had dinner in Madison with another mutual friend at the Inca Heritage. Terrific food.

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