Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainbow Whiteline Print Finish

Well, I finished up the last few colors on this print, and it's done; I'll have it matted and framed at the Chicago Greatwaters Expo next week. I'd like to get some more printing in, but I'm going to spend the time getting some last minute matting and framing done - not to mention get my crap organized...

Anyway, here it is, finger smudges and all:

I like it. I'm really, really happy with it. Deb even likes it, and she doesn't like any of my fishing stuff (well, this isn't entirely true...)

If I was going to be critical of anything, it's that I'd want to see the entire fish - unfortunately, when I took the image, I wasn't thinking of making a woodblock print of it.

Now, the dilemma: the capitalist pig in me tells me to scan the sucker and make prints to sell at half of what the original will go for at this upcoming show. The artist in me says no, don't sell my soul and go for the easy money - stay true and only offer originals.

I think I like the idea of only offering originals

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  1. John,

    This is a great print! Stick with originals. I'd love to see a full body trout one of these days (I'm partial to cutthroat ;-) . I'm saving up my $$ to purchase "Sun, Moon, Stars" at Art Creel in May, but if you're offering this one for about the same price, I think I'll go with this.


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